Krueger Pottery Supply is MOVING! Read all about it here

Krueger Pottery Supply is MOVING!

After almost 25 years at the same location on Big Bend Blvd. in Webster Groves, Krueger Pottery Supply is incredibly excited to announce we are MOVING!

The new store, studio and warehouse is located in Brentwood and is more than 2.5 larger than the size of our current total space. We will be expanding the retail space, adding new classes and workshops and will be offering a limited number of PRIVATE STUDIOS for rent along with our traditional class offerings. 

The exact move date is still being finalized as the new building improvements are finished up but our anticipated move date is Fall 2019. We will be diligently planning the move to keep the interruption to business operations to an absolute minimum. Most likely the store will be closed for a few days while we move but as the move gets closer we will update this page and will provide plenty of notice.  

The important stuff!
When are you moving? 
The new building needed some work to get ready for us and that is currently being done. We are expecting to move in Fall 2019. As soon as we have an exact date we will update this page, add it to the front page of our website and make sure it is on our Facebook page.

Where is the new building?
It is at 1449 Strassner Drive in Brentwood. It is easy to access from Brentwood or Laclede Station/Hanley Rd. Strassner does a straight line between Brentwood Blvd. and Laclede Station Rd so access from 44/40/170 is very easy. 


Is there a parking lot?
Yes! We will have our own lot with dedicated spaces for students and retail customers. There is even some overflow parking in case we have a big event. 

Are you going to miss Webster Groves?
Absolutely. Webster Groves has been the home of Krueger Pottery Supply since 1995 and it's been a great place to do business but unfortunately we were not able to find a building in WG that was large enough for us. We are very excited to become a part of the Brentwood business community.