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Krueger Pottery Supply - History

Krueger Pottery Supply has been operating in St. Louis since 1988! We are very proud of our 30+ years in business serving ceramic artists in the St. Louis region and beyond. 

Krueger Pottery Supply specializes in classes for beginners with little or no art experience, but offers a variety of classes for all ages & skill levels. Our teachers have a combined teaching experience of over 60 years as well as a thorough understanding of pottery making techniques. Our atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Our emphasis is on fun!

Krueger Pottery Inc. was founded by Dennis Krueger in 1988 and was originally operated as a production pottery. Dennis made pottery by hand using various construction techniques and the work was sold at Krueger Pottery, Inc. as well as around the country at art fairs and shows. Over the years Krueger Pottery, Inc. became the largest source for supplies, equipment and materials in the St. Louis area as well as a great place to buy handmade pottery or take a class.

In March of 2008 Dennis retired and the business was taken over by two longtime employees, Aimee & Ryan. Aimee & Ryan renamed the business Krueger Pottery Supply and continue to offer the same products as well as adding new ones every year.

In December 2019 Krueger Pottery Supply moved from its home of almost 25 years in Webster Groves to a new larger facility in Brentwood.