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L&L One-Touch Intuitive Kiln Control (School-Master, Liberty-Belle, Doll)

One-Touch™ Intuitive Kiln Control (School-Master, Liberty-Belle, Doll)

The One-Touch™ Intuitive Kiln Control was designed for busy school teachers, contemporary studios, and hobbyists. One touch and you are ready to fire the bisque and glaze programs. No programming is necessary, simple adjustments are easy, yet sophisticated programming is possible.

Simplicity Without Compromise

1) One-Touch: Press one of two buttons marked BISQUE and GLAZE

You will then see either bISC or GLA

  • Press ENTER and the kiln fires a slow Cone 04 Bisque or a 06 Glaze.
  • You can add a Delay time to the program by pressing the DOWN arrow when you see FIRE and before you press ENTER
  • Press the REVIEW button to review the program. You can do this when you see the FIRE display or while firing

2) Simple: It is easy to change simple parameters to customize your program. When the user presses BISQUE or GLAZE and then holds the button for 5 seconds then a series of options will appear: 

  • CndL Candle at a low temperature to dry out the work – expressed in hours and minutes
  • COnE Choose the cone that the program fires to
  • HLd         Add a soak time at the end of the firing
  • COOL Cool the kiln – Fast, Medium or Slow for special effects or thick work
  • HEAT Speed of firing – Fast, Medium or Slow
  • rStr Restore the original default settings
  • The UP and DOWN button will allow adjustment of these values
  • The internal program ramps are transparent to the user

3) Advanced: Press CUSTOM and you have four regular Ramp/Soak programs open for custom programming. Each program has eight segments with a ramp, set point and hold for each segment.