Krueger Pottery Supply Teacher Workshops and Professional Developments

Krueger is here to help teachers develop successful ceramics programs at their schools. Whether you are new to ceramics or just looking to brush up on your clay knowledge, our workshops will be a welcome addition to your Professional Develoment requirements. 

Electric Kilns Demystified
This workshop will lead you through the steps of firing your electric kiln. Familiarize yourself with the parts of your kiln, kiln furniture and firing temperatures. Create firing schedules that will help your students' projects be more successful.

Fundamentals of Ceramics 
Need help getting your ceramics program off the ground? This primer will explain which glazes work with which clays. We will help you determine which combinations will best suit your classroom needs. Learn about clay tools, stages of clay dryness, different methods of building and basic firing rules.

Classroom Projects 
Standards-based lessons by grade level
High School

Krueger Pottery Supply will gladly present these workshops for larger groups at your school. For individuals or smaller groups, please enroll in our
Big Workshops for Little Districts.

If you have an idea for a more specialized workshop, custom professional developments are availalbe. 

Contact Krueger Pottery Supply at 314-963-0180 for more information or to schedule your PD.