Krueger Pottery Supply is the leading supplier for pottery and ceramics programs in elementary, high school and college in the Saint Louis region. We have been serving teachers for almost 20 years. We offer competetive pricing, technical support, workshops and fast delivery. Whatver the needs of your program are -- from one box of clay to 10 tons -- we can help!   
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Krueger Pottery Supply is here to help teachers develop successful ceramics programs at their schools. Whether you are new to ceramics or just looking to brush up on your clay knowledge, our workshops will be a welcome addition to your Professional Develoment requirements.
  Whether it's a bottle of glaze or your semester's worth of supplies, we can deliver. For small orders we can use UPS or a local courier so you get your supplies quickly and cost effectively.
  Shopping from our online catalog is easy. Search our extensive collections of glazes, tools, equipment and fun accessories. Don't place multiple orders with different vendors! You can get everything for your ceramics program right here! If you don't see what you want on our website list of over 8000 products just ask us. Chances are we can get it.
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  Who do you buy clay from? Take a look at this page for pricing on different quantities of clay from some of the largest sellers. Krueger Pottery Supply was cheaper than every other company we comapred ourselves to! Please note, we didn't pick our most expensive competetiors, we actually picked the cheapest!