Krueger Pottery Supply vs. The Other Guys

Did you know schools always get our 2000lb price break on clay even if you are only buying 25lbs at a time?

Who do you buy clay from? Take a look at the tables below for pricing on different quantities of clay. Krueger Pottery Supply was cheaper than every other company we comapred ourselves to! Please note, we didn't pick our most expensive competetiors, we actually picked the cheapest! 

All the prices below assume your school is within our base rate delivery radius. Also interesting is that our clay prices were cheaper even if you didn't take freight into account, so if you pick your clay up from our store you will STILL save money.

All prices from competitiors were taken form their respective websites on 4/29/14 and shipping costs were based on either their automatically calculated freight or their written shipping policy. We did not obtain LTL freight quotes if rates were not published online. Some companies may offer lower bulk LTL Freight shipping rates, but since our clay price is lower you will STILL save money buying your clay from us!

If we deliver your clay we will take it off our truck and deliver it into the building. If your clay is shipped via LTL by a competitor the driver will drop your order outside and you will be responsible for moving it.

Our available earthenware clays can be found here

Clay Comparison - 100lbs Delivered