Krueger Pottery Manufacturers

Skutt Kilns
-Skutt is the largest manufacturer of ceramic, pottery and glass kilns in the United States. Skutt also makes the Thomas Stuart line of potter's wheels.    

Orton Ceramic Foundation

Shimpo Ceramics
-Nidec-Shimpo corporation makes Shimpo potter's wheels and has since the 1950's.     

Aardvark Clay
-Aardvark clay manufacturers Coleman Porcelain and is located in California.     

-Supplier of soap pumps, tile accessories, handles and other add on items.     

Alpine Kilns
-Gas kiln manufacturer     

-AMACO and Brent - manufacturer or clay, glazes and equipment     


Coyote Clay    

L&L Kilns    

Laguna Clay Company    

L&R Specialties Clay    

Scott Creek Pottery
Peter Pugger MFG.
North Star Equipment
The Ceramic Shop
Giffin Grip
Creative Industries Wheels

Brown Tool Company

Talisman Sieves
Talisman Manufacturing is a family owned & operated business with a long established, world-wide reputation for manufacturing smart, high-quality, reliable equipment for the potter and clay worker. From our factory in Kapiti, situated on the west coast of beautiful New Zealand's North Island, we dispatch our Talisman products to distributors both within New Zealand and world-wide. We are always willing to add to our distributor list - so is your local potters supplier selling Talisman products? We think they should be!