AMACO – Cone 5/6 - PC-55 Chun Plum Cone 6

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AMACO Potter's Choice glazes have rapidly become one of our most popular lines for potters, schools and hobbyists who want a reliable line of mid-fire cone 6 glaze that mimmick Cone 10 reduction in a Cone 6 electric kiln.

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AMACO – Cone 5/6 - PC-55 Chun Plum Cone 6

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Product Description

AMACO PC-55 Potter's Choice Chun Plum

AMACO Potter's Choice glazes have rapidly become one of our most popular lines for potters schools and hobbyists. These glazes are the perfect choice for those who want a reliable line of mid-fire cone 6 glazes that mimmic Cone 10 reduction in a Cone 6 electric kiln. 

  • Mimic the look of Cone 10 reduction at Cone 6 oxidation (electric)
  • Availble in pints or gallons for brushing and 25lb pails dry for dipping
  • All colors are designed for layering so an almost infinite number of combinations is possible
  • Compatible with virtually any Cone 6 clay bodies
  • Most colors are certified AP Non-Toxic and food safe (see individual color pages or glaze label for specific color information)
  • Well tested and reliable
AP Seal

The ACMI AP (Approved Product) Seal shows that the product is certified to be safe for use by children grades K-6. Potential misuses of the product (such as ingesting the material) are taken into account.

This color continues to be AP in its liquid form (pints and gallons). The labeling of the 25 lb. dry dipping form does not carry the AP seal but does include the wording ”Conforms to ASTM D-4236“ to comply with California Proposition 65 requirement for titanium dioxide.

Dinnerware Safe Dinnerware Safe glazes contain no lead or raw cadmium bearing ingredients.

Note: In order for glazes to be dinnerware safe, they must be fired to recommended firing temperature. Glaze products are not suitable for ingestion or inhalation.

Safe for Spraying SPRAYING/AIRBRUSHING: Make sure to use only AP Non-Toxic sprayable glazes for spraying and take the necessary ventilation precautions. We recommend the use of a respirator mask that is suitable for mist and dust when spraying glazes.

For more information on safe glaze spraying take a look at this page from Amaco



Liquid Brushing Directions

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Thin with water and AMACO® Gum Solution if needed. Apply 3 coats of glaze to Cone 04 bisque. (Let the glaze dry between coats.) Glaze fire to Cone 5-6.

Chun Plum flows and breaks beautifully over texture but achieves color variations on smooth surfaces as well. It is a very fluid glaze. It is also great to use when layering with other AMACO® Potter’s Choice glazes.


Dry Dipping Directions and Warning

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Do not produce dust. Wear a NIOSH approved mask for dust or mist. Do not empty glaze powder into another container. Add water gradually into the bucket, stirring slowly. The glaze level will drop in the bucket as you mix in the water, allowing for more water additions until a creamy consistency is achieved. To insure a homogenous mixture, use a glaze mixer attached to a hand drill. Mix for at least half an hour. Although every glaze formula will have its own special water requirements, a basic recipe is to add 3 1/3 gallons of water to 25 pounds of dry glaze. Add a little more water if needed. One pound of AMACO® dry glaze will make approximately one pint of liquid glaze. Try not to let the glaze become thinner than needed, since the lower the viscosity, the greater the chance that heavy glaze particles will settle out. AMACO® glazes have a sufficient suspending agent to prevent settling unless an excessive amount of water is added. Store prepared glazes in their own airtight buckets.

DIRECTIONS: Stir well before using. If it is too thick, add some water very cautiously until it has the consistency of thin cream (dipping consistency). Dip the Cone 04 (1940°F, 1060°C) bisque fired piece into the glaze, lift it out and turn it over, allowing the excess glaze to pour out. The glaze will stop running as soon as it is lifted out of the bucket. Application is uniform and there is no waiting for it to drip or dry. Fire to witness Cone 5-6.

Request Material Safety Data Sheets when using in manufacturing. Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.

WARNING: This product contains a material known to the State of California to cause cancer.



PC-55 Chun Plum is an “Artistic Float Glaze”. These glazes need a certain thickness to float materials to the top surface of the glaze. This creates interest where the glaze pools in texture or drips. (If the glaze is applied too thinly, the glaze will not be able to float. The end result will be flat and probably an incorrect color) The tiles show the float developing as the glaze is applied more heavily. Float makes these glazes perfect for layering. (Chun Plum can be very fluid if applied too heavily.)

AMACO PC55 Glaze Thickness

Layering with PC-55 Chun Plum

These Potter’s Choice Combination Cups were created with the colors specified. Let dry between coats. Use a fan brush for a more even coverage. Cone 5/6 buff stoneware clay was used to create the cups. All cups were fired to Cone 6 at medium speed with a 10 minute hold. Click the image to download a larger printable PDF file.

Layering AMACO PC55

PC-55 Chun Plum Temperature/Color Variation at Cone 10

This chip shows how PC-55 Chun Plum looks when fired to Cone 10 on AMACO® 38-M White Stoneware Clay. Please note: this glaze has not been tested for dinnerware safety at Cone 10. Tableware producers must have all finished ware tested and approved as safe for dinnerware through a certified laboratory.

AMACO PC55 Cone 10

Download the AMACO Potters Choice Glaze Catalog

Click the image below to download the catalog in PDF format.

AMACO Potters Choice Glaze Catalog


Download the AMACO Potters Choice Application Guide

Click the image below to download the guide in PDF format.

AMACO Potters Choice Glaze Aplication Guide

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