Liquid Raw Materials

Liquid materials in raw form inclduing Darvan 7, Darvan 811, Sodium Silicate, Glycerine and Gum Solutions.

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  1. Calcium Nitrate Solution

    Calcium Nitrate Solution

    Starting at: $4.95

    H2O soluble. Glaze thickner. Learn More
  2. Cobalt Sulfate Solution

    Cobalt Sulfate Solution

    Starting at: $4.99

    A liquified cobalt compound often used to color white clays and glazes with a blue tint. Additionally, it is used as a decolorizer Learn More
  3. Darvan 811

    Darvan 811

    Starting at: $8.65

    Similar in use and composition to Darvan #7, but recommended for deflocculating red slips and high iron slips. Learn More
  4. Darvan 7

    Darvan 7

    Starting at: $7.52

    Darvan is a deflocculant and used to disperse ceramic suspensions to minimize their water content. Learn More
  5. Glycerine


    Starting at: $9.39

    Used to set and harden the surface of glaze and overglaze to facilitate faster glazing procedures. Learn More
  6. Gum Solution (CMC)

    Gum Solution (CMC)

    Starting at: $4.95

    A liquified binder, thickener, suspension and brushing medium made of an organic cellulose gum. Also used to increase plasticity Learn More
  7. Plastilube


    Starting at: $6.46

    Very similar to PureLube. Learn More
  8. Purelube


    Starting at: $4.46

    A pure liquid (non-detergent) soap separator, used as a release when casting plaster/gypsum into a plaster mold, and to prevent Learn More
  9. Sodium Silicate

    Sodium Silicate

    Starting at: $4.95

    plaster/gypsum products from adhering to most porous surfaces. PureLube may be used full strength or diluted with water. Learn More

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