Clay & Materials

Clay Bodies and Casting Slips
Krueger Pottery Supply is proud to carry clay from L&R Specialties, Laguna Clay Co, Flint Hills Clayworks, Aardvark Clay, Highwater and Standard Ceramics.

Plaster products from USG Company including #1 Pottery Plaster, Hydrocal and Hydrocal FGR

General Raw Materials
Raw Materials for mixing clay and glazes from scratch including feldspars, silica, kaolins, ball clays, bentonites, whiting, dolomite, fireclay, grog, kyanite, molochite, talc, sand etc. PLEASE NOTE: COLORING OXIDES ARE IN A SEPERATE SECTION BELOW

Coloring Oxides and Carbonates
Coloring oxides and carbonates for adding to clay and glazes including Cobalt, Copper, Chrome, Manganese, Tin, Titanium, Iron, Ilmenite, etc.

Clay and Glaze Additives
Additives such as brushing medium, CMC Gum, VeeGum, Sodium Sulfate, Gum Arabic, Dextrin etc.

Mason Stains
Krueger Pottery Supply is a proud distributor for Mason Color Works and we stock their fill line of stains. Mason Stains are manufactured pigments that are added to clay bodies and glazes as a coloring agent.

Liquid Raw Materials
Liquid materials in raw form inclduing Darvan 7, Darvan 811, Sodium Silicate, Glycerine and Gum Solutions.

Lead free and Lead Bearing frits for use in glaze formulation