Raku Firing Workshop


This will be a great workshop for anyone who has always wanted to try out the Raku process. Raku firing is one of the most immediate ceramic firing processes. The pottery is removed while still glowing red from the kiln and allowed to cool quickly in a combustible chamber.

Please make vertical pieces, no bowls!

Class includes 25 pounds of Raku clay. Students must make pieces and have them bisque fired buy Saturday, October 20. Bisque firing is included in the workshop price. Pieces must be dropped off at Krueger Pottery no later than Tuesday, October 21, 2014.

On Saturday, students will use glazes provided by Krueger Pottery Supply to glaze and prepare pieces and firing will be done on Sunday at the home of Judy Guerrero a few blocks from Krueger Pottery in Webster Groves. Students must wear cotton clothing and closed toe shoes to the firing on Sunday. Bring a lunch to the firing on Sunday.

Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 10am - 3pm (At Krueger Pottery Supply)
Sunday, October 26, 2014 - 10am - ? (At the home of Judy Gurerro. Directions will be given Saturday. Judy's house is a few blocks from Krueger Pottery.)

Includes 25lbs of raku clay and bisque firing